Our Core Values not only say who we are, they guide everything we do.

The mission and the company are our priorities.

We put aside our personal agendas and our egos.

We are transparent at all times.

We encourage and invest in our team’s growth and education.

We absolutely understand and embrace the idea that collaboration optimizes decision making.

We will not compromise our culture for anything or anyone. It is sacred.

We will only hire the best.

We demand the best from ourselves, which gives us permission to demand the best from those we lead.

Our higher purpose is improving the lives of others.

We understand that Natura’s success directly impacts the livelihood of all its stakeholders (owners, debtholders, employees, suppliers, customers, and the surrounding area).

We embrace the opportunity to improve the lives of our employees on a long-term basis by virtue of the Employee Equity Plan.

We will invest in charities, encourage and support employee volunteerism, and facilitate strategic partnerships that improve the lives of people across the world.

We will never stop reinventing ourselves and our business.

We will live in a perpetual state of discontent. We will constantly search out better ways to do things and/or new things to do. There is a strong bias for action and speed.

We will be risk-takers. We will constantly experiment and trial. There is no such thing as failure. We either succeed or we learn something.

We will always think big, then we will think bigger.

We will create an inclusive environment. Subject to our values, we will be open and receptive to all people, cultures, and ideas. We acknowledge that we cannot be truly innovative if we are not inclusive.

We will challenge ourselves and each other constantly. Vigorous debate is healthy. When debate has been exhausted and a direction is determined, our individual position no longer matters. We support the team and its direction.

We honor our commitments, no matter the cost.

We are honest with each other at all times.

We are accountable for our words and actions. When we make a mistake, we own it. We apologize and immediately take steps to right the situation.

We will communicate any inability to honor a commitment to the rest of the team and request assistance immediately.

We manage from a foundation of humility and service. As leaders, we understand that we are in service to those who report to us. We will develop our employees in a conscious, methodical manner.

We acknowledge and embrace that we are all best when we are truly authentic.

We recognize that, ultimately, we will be judged (collectively and individually) by our ability to deliver results.

Value is realized when vision becomes reality.

Our strategic planning process touches everyone in the organization.

We are obsessed with collecting, compiling, and processing data to make better decisions.

We will constantly strive to improve the safety, efficacy, and reliability of our products and services so that we “set the bar” for our industry. Regulatory and legal standards are minimum requirements.

We are intensely focused on the operating plan and the individual metrics we are responsible for in order to meet or exceed objectives. This “operating system” dictates our communication, systems, processes, and routines.

We will empower our workforce to make effective decisions. We despise bureaucracy. We communicate our performance in real-time to all stakeholders. The management team will spend most of its time addressing issues that will enhance our performance.

We are building a culture where everyone asks “do we need it?” and “can we be more efficient?” before we make a purchase decision. The entire organization is conscious of company resources. The concept of value is embedded into every decision we make.