A groundbreaking operating and management system for the cannabis industry.

We’ve created the ultimate operating and management system for the cannabis industry, designed to maximize efficiency every step of the way.

  • Fully Automated Cultivation Facility Fully Automated Cultivation Facility

    Our plants sit on an automated robotic table system that ensures the optimal grow process for each type of plant - from clone to fully grown.

  • Full Micro-Climate Controls Full Micro-Climate Controls

    Our grow facility controls the entire micro-climate, from temperature to humidity to UV - enabling a laser-precise optimized environment for the plants.

  • Traceability Traceability

    Our internal traceability process monitors every step of production, ensuring the highest possible quality while adhering to the strictest levels of compliance and safety.

  • Full Micro-Climate Controls Analytics

    Full visibilty for faster, smarter decison-making in real-time, enabling continuous learning and improvement of the production process.