Extraction Solutions

An agile extraction facility with new state-of-the-art equipment designed and manufactured specifically for Natura, giving us unparalleled control of the technology and process.

Extraction Solutions

Extraction Services



High throughput, high yielding automated CO² extraction for an environmentally friendly pharma grade product.



Using a variety of volatile solvents to create concentrates with high cannabinoid levels that retain the most terpenes from the strain.

cols water

Cold Water

A truly solvent-free choice available as hash or oil.



Low temperature, high pressure press to create a full spectrum rosin that delivers a cleaner.

Post Processing Services



Customized winterization and filtering equipment to remove undesirables for a cleaner, purer product.


Decarboxylating methods that sustain the perfect temperature and time for optimum conversion of acidic cannabinoids to their active forms.


Molecular Distilation Services


Molecular Distillation

We use multiple stage equipment built with a first stage thin film evaporator and second stage wiped film molecular distillation for continuous processing, less waste, and better purification for high potency products.

Isolation Services


Through the use of a custom designed industrial High Performance Liquid Chromatography System (HPLC), we can go from distillate to isolate, isolating individual cannabinoids for use in products promoting specific cannabinoid benefits.


Ultrasonic Cavitation Services


Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation is well known as a reliable method to prepare superior emulsions in the nano range.

Emulsions with turbidities (microemulsions, approx. 150-100nm) become clear and transparent or even translucent when sonicated since the droplet size is minimized to diminutive droplets in the range of approx. 10nm. Thereby, emulsion stability is increased significantly.

Ultrasonically produced emulsions are often self-stable without the addition of an emulsifier or surfactant. For cannabis oil, a nanoemulsion has, besides its stability, the additional advantage that the cannabinoids are better absorbed and have a more profound effect. This means that the cannabis product can be lower dosed to get the same effects.

Our specialized ultrasonic device is capable of producing nanoemulsions as small as 10nm in size, making our products water soluble, with quicker absorption into the bloodstream and magnified bioavailability.

Extraction Products

Trust our LEED certified and GMP compliant cultivation center to produce the right product for your business.

Bulk Crude Extracts

  • CO² Extractions

  • Hydrocarbon Extractions

  • Cold Water Extractions

  • Rosin Extractions


  • CO² Extractions

  • Hydrocarbon Extractions

  • Distilled

  • Botanical

Post Processed Oil

  • Winterized Oil

  • Dexacarbonated Oil


  • Highly Stable

  • Faster Absorbtion


  • CBD Distillates

  • THC Distillates


  • Cannabinoids

Consentrate Products

Concentrates are products made by separating resin from the flowers in order to extract the maximum amount of cannabinoids and terpenes, without the unnecessary plant material. Cannabis resin contains trichomes – tiny outgrowths on the flowers where most of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes are synthesized.