Distribution Solutions

We are committed to delivering accurately, every time. Each and every item is checked prior to distribution to ensure it meets our quality specs, is not out-ofdate, and is exactly the item ordered.

Distribution Solutions

Distribution Directions

Dispensary Distribution

Delivery anywhere in California. Use our online ordering system to select the items you want and the date you need it by. Our systems will process your order and provide you with regular updates until your order is delivered. Electronic manifest, item, and order tracking. New fleet of secure vehicles and highly trained drivers.

Warehouse and Distribution Center

We can replenish your warehouse with delivery of small or large pallet size quantities. Use our software to help organize your warehouse and track inventory, product movements, and shelf life for FIFO.

Distribution Software Module

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) combined with a Transportation Management System (TMS) made by operators for operators. Elevate the management of your distribution center with our in-house designed software made from the ground up specifically with the cannabis environment in mind.